Strategic Planning

Effectively planning for the future. 

As companies continue to face significant technology decisions, they can often benefit from a trusted business advisor’s point of view. Dean Dorton Technology’s team assists companies with strategic planning to provide an assessment of current systems and recommendations for the future. Technology can be costly to any company, but with the proper strategic planning, small, medium, and large businesses can achieve optimal technology configurations, both now and in the future.

In this strategic forward-thinking approach, Dean Dorton Technology addresses a widespread demand for expert data analytics, appropriate cost analyses, and relevant recommendations to simplify technology and management tasks. Our team works with you to tailor “best-fit” recommendations, that can be implemented in your preferred timeline and within your budget.

Companies today are facing an increasing struggle to become compliant with regulations, secure their data systems, and simultaneously meet the demands of both customer and employees.  We successfully solve these growing demands by taking advantage of highly efficient, proven solutions. Dean Dorton Technology has the solutions to help your company tackle the tremendous demand to adopt new technologies in order to be nimble in meeting today’s digital challenges.

Strategic Planning Benefits:

  • Comprehensive analysis that identifies “best-fit” solutions

  • Extensive roadmap that encompasses costs, tools, security, governance, and a mapping of dependencies for optimum efficiency

  • Complete review of performance and usage patterns to plan capacity needs, maximize capabilities, and reduce unnecessary costs in idle computer resources and unused storage

  • Detailed analysis on computing, storage, hardware, software, and networking components to identify a precise configuration for your business

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Technology is only as good as the enhancement and efficiency it brings to your workflow, and only as valuable as the return on investment it produces. Our team helps you leverage technology and allows you and other key employees to focus on your business and their primary responsibilities.

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