Document Management

Manage your files electronically to streamline your business.

Do you have file cabinets taking up needed office space? Are there paper files from years ago that you don’t use or need but want to hold on to “just in case?” Do you have a document retention policy that makes you keep files, but do not have digital versions? Cataloging your organization’s essential files is essential to keeping your business streamlined and improving the speed of productivity. A document management system (DMS) can help you manage your files electronically and improve your organization’s efficiency.

Dean Dorton Technology’s document management program can be used as part of your overall enterprise content management and is a dedicated file system that allows companies to manage all the vital information you use to plan, run, and maintain your business. Document management systems also allow continuity across your organization. A well-organized file structure saves end-users time and significantly alleviates the hassles that come along with digging through your network storage to find a file. Through collaboration and a properly planned and structured DMS system, you can archive and retrieve documents easily. Our document management system also allows users to be grouped by role or security level giving you options for those who are allowed to obtain access and those who have permission to edit, save, and delete files.

If you have a document retention policy, a DMS can be easily integrated and make managing your retention much easier and more precise.

Document Management Benefits:

  • Streamlined and automated document mangement

  • Improve speed of productivity

  • Easily integrated with retention policies

  • Decrease significant risks to your organization

  • Embrace a greener, more paperless workplace

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