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4th Quarter 2017 Release Updates

November 10, 2017

Sage Intacct has committed to a quarterly update schedule. Dean Dorton, as your Sage Intacct partner, is committed to helping you make the most of these quarterly releases. Our team is constantly monitoring the release notifications and attempting to identify changes that our clients can take advantage of. We are also looking out for any changes we believe could have an adverse impact to our clients. We generally find there are three types of changes:

  1. Opt in;
  2. Opt out; or
  3. Bug fixes that just get installed.

The fourth and final release update for 2017 was released by Sage Intacct on November 10, 2017.

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Intacct Becomes Sage Intacct

As you have probably already heard or at least noticed a logo change in the system, Sage has acquired Intacct.

What does this mean for you?

We believe it means good things to come. Over the past few months we have been very involved with Intacct and Sage senior leadership teams working to understand what this all means.


Sage is a very large and long-time player in the financial software world. Internationally, Sage is one of, if not the, largest financial software developer. Sage went through a period of time in which they gained a poor reputation related to innovation and improvement in the software solutions they owned. Under the new leadership of CEO Stephen Kelly, Sage has made significant changes to their focus and commitment to being a leader in financial software innovation and change. Their move to acquire Intacct is only one of many strategic investments that Sage has recently made.

Business Cloud Initiative

Sage recently announced their new Sage Business Cloud initiative. Their goal and commitment is to deliver a cloud-based solution to fit every size business, making them the only cloud financial solution a company will ever need. Solutions are designed to meet the needs of companies of various sizes and complexities, ranging from a small start-up to large multi-national public entities.

Sage Intacct Commitment

Sage has committed to leave the Intacct business as-is and so far we can confirm this is true. Sage Intacct will remain a separate business unit. The former Intacct senior leadership team is currently and is expected to remain in place. What will change are the resources available to fund further development and improvements to their already impressive software solution. Intacct is a key piece to the overall Sage strategy, and we believe Sage Intacct will continue to be the leader in mid-market financial solutions.

Sage Intacct Action UI Beta

In our 3rd quarter release, we reported on enhancements being made in the new Intacct Action User Interface (UI). User feedback asked for it and Sage Intacct listened. Here are the updated features to Action UI for this release:

  • Spacing: See more information using less real estate. Sage Intacct tightened up vertical spacing across the new user interface, including spacing in add and list pages and reports.
  • Reconciliation pages: Returned these pages to Coming Soon status so they can get a facelift.
  • Audit Trail is now converted to Action.
  • Dialog boxes: are enhanced to enable:
    • Printing or sending to XML
    • Closing with ease

Keep sending feedback to Sage Intacct!

Audit Trail Update

Your time is valuable and Sage Intacct understands that, so they’ve added two new features to the audit trail for increased usability, convenience, and control. Now you can:

  • Export the audit trail report to PDF format.

    Enjoy some peace of mind—ensure your audit trail report is accurate and reliable by exporting it to PDF format and sending it straight to auditors, managers, or members of your accounting team. Now, anytime you generate the audit trail report for a record, you can export it to PDF format, which ensures the report cannot be edited, increasing the usability and control of your reporting.

  • View the audit trail for a financial report or graph from the Reports Center.

    Keep control and save some clicks—now, in the Reports Center, Sage Intacct has added a View audit trail button for Financial Reports and Financial Graphs for users with View only permissions to increase your usability, convenience, and control.

Sage Intacct to Disable Support for TLS 1.0

As early as December 15, 2017, Sage Intacct will disable support for TLS 1.0 and below. Sage Intacct takes the security of their customers very seriously. To enhance security and meet compliance requirements, they are mandating the use of TLS 1.1 (and later) encryption technologies to access the cloud software.

What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that provides security and privacy by encrypting data shared over a network. TLS is typically used by web browsers and other applications that must securely exchange data. The current support versions of TLS are 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. Currently, TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are considered secure by various security standard organizations.

How does Sage Intacct use TLS and how will users be impacted?

Sage Intacct uses TLS to secure both browser and Web Services (API) access to our application. Once Sage Intacct disables support for TLS 1.0, any browser access from a resource that does not support TLS 1.1 or above will fail.

What do you need to do?

Verify that your browser supports TLS 1.1 and above (most modern browsers do). You can use the following third party resource to test your browser’s compatibility:

How’s My SSL?

Never Miss a Renewal Opportunity

The Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Integration now enables your sales teams to manage the contract renewal process in Salesforce.

You can now automate the creation of opportunities in Salesforce for contract renewals. This allows the sales team to apply pricing options from Sage Intacct-based renewal templates directly to the renewed contract, as well as track line level upgrades or downgrades. This enables your sales team to effectively manage the renewal process in Salesforce before synchronizing the contract to Sage Intacct.

With Sage Intacct handling the financials, the renewed contract is accurate and available quickly, either on the renewal template schedule, or created manually by the people who know your customers best: the sales team.

Order Entry Print/Email Enhancements

Sage Intacct added several small but helpful enhancements to the Order Entry print and email functions.

Print/Email Documents page

The Print/Email Documents page lets you print and/or email multiple Order Entry documents at the same time. We’ve added more filters and details to let you narrow the focus of the transactions on which you want to act.

  • Customer filter: We’ve removed the old From Customer/To Customer fields and replaced them with one Customer field that now lists customer dimension groups in addition to customers. Use this field to select either a customer or a customer group.
  • Customer type filter: Use this field to filter the results by a particular category of customers.
  • Sorting preference: Now you can decide the sort order for the displayed results by selecting an option in this new field. Choose to sort by Customer ID, Customer name, Date (transaction date), or Transaction number.
  • Document template: The results page now identifies the document template that will be used when printing the corresponding invoice.

Sales transactions

  • Print/Email button: This button is now accessible when a sales transaction is in Edit mode. Previously, it was only accessible when a transaction was in View mode.
  • Document template: The History tab now displays the document template associated with the sales transaction. Document templates can be assigned to transaction definitions or customers. A document template assigned to a customer has precedence over the document template assigned on the transaction definition.

Other Release 4 Update Summaries


  • Close GL books faster! No more processing offline.
  • Purchasing approval policy validations to facilitate submitting transactions.
  • A faster way to map in Spend Management.
  • Streamline your workflow with multiple Ship to contacts on invoices.
  • On Hold and On Order – improved auto-reversal supports more workflows.


  • Observed percent complete insight for projects and contracts.
  • A new table in which Project managers can enter and maintain a history of observed percent complete values, providing details of progress over the lifetime of the project or task. Previously, this information was tracked using a single field – losing valuable project insight.
  • “As of dates” for tracking and revenue recognition.


  • Permissions to generate Invoices has become more secure.
  • Enhancements to Multiple Element Arrangements (MEA) in complex revenue contracts.
  • Adjustment to straight line revenue calculation.
  • Ability to place separate holds on billing and revenue schedules so you can manage each of them in accordance with processing requirements for the associated transactions.


  • Getting and keeping inventory costs up to date just got easier with improved Intacct automation.
  • New transaction definition validations bring posting under control.
  • Warehouse transfer for multi-entity with multiple base currencies.
  • More efficient Kit Costing reports.


  • Emails from your domain – To maintain the security and privacy of your company, Sage Intacct improved the setup process for configuring your email sender domain.
  • Web Services – Watch the Sage Intacct Developer site blog for information about new features in Web Services. Highlights include purchasing approval support functions and new options for contracts.

More information and video demos for the updates in 2017 Release 4 can also be found on the Intacct Product Updates section of your Start page. If you have any questions about topics in this Intacct Release Update newsletter, please direct them to Dale Stratton at or Sheila Beck at


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