Co-managed IT Services

Plan, achieve, and expand your IT initiatives.

Dean Dorton Technology’s team is comprised of 19 highly qualified experts with a wide variety of technical skills who can assist your team. By utilizing co-managed IT services, our staff augmentation will add value to your business and help you achieve your IT initiatives, on your terms. We understand the process and commitment involved in hiring full-time employees and by utilizing Dean Dorton Technology’s team, you can implement your plans successfully and timely. Our team can be utilized in a variety of manners depending on your current business needs.

Whether you are working toward achieving a certain goal or are trying to launch a new initiative for your business, we can provide the support and technical expertise you need in a flexible and scalable manner. Collaborating through co-managed IT services will give you complete satisfaction and an expedited solution. Dean Dorton Technology’s team can fill open positions with top professionals, bring in qualified experts to carry out specific roles, or be a long-term partner. If your company needs a more permanent solution, you may want to consider comprehensive managed IT services.

Co-managed IT Benefits:

  • Access to experts with a variety of specialized skill sets

  • Decrease costs – avoid the additional costs from hiring a full-time employee

  • Flexible and scalable teams

  • Minimize risk through collaboration with experts

  • Achieve your IT goals in a timely manner

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Technology is only as good as the enhancement and efficiency it brings to your workflow, and only as valuable as the return on investment it produces. Our team helps you leverage technology and allows you and other key employees to focus on your business and their primary responsibilities.

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