IT General Controls Testing

Identifying high-level risks and helping you determine next steps.

Dean Dorton Technology’s qualified experienced team provides organizations with high-level general controls testing that can provide great companies with a great volume of information regarding their technology and business processes. General controls testing can help you and your organization be better informed and make decisions regarding the systems and processes that drive your technology, compliance, and operations. Our dedicated team of experts makes sure this testing is performed within your preferred timeframe to keep costs low and help you quickly identify opportunities for performance improvement and reduced expenses. Processes such as these require the expertise of an independent team in order to make a full assessment and provide opportunities for significant value.

Our team has completed IT General Controls Testing for many reasons including:

  • Business operations improvement
  • Litigation, investigation, and regulatory
  • Finance and asset protection
  • Information management
  • Services continuity
  • Internal Audit (including IT audit)
  • Governance and management
  • IT security and privacy
  • IT processes and operations
  • Application security, controls, and configuration
  • Technology infrastructure, components, and configuration

IT General Controls Testing Benefits:

  • Decrease significant risks to your organization

  • Ability to focus on core business objectives

  • Meet compliance standards

  • Ensure proper controls throughout your entire enterprise

  • Proactive insight – prevent future risks and compliance issues

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