Hardware Virtualization (VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V)

Superior efficiency by moving your infrastructure to the Cloud.

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to increase productivity and flexibility, without increasing capital expenses. One of the most effective uses of today’s Cloud technology is through hardware virtualization. Hardware virtualization allows you to host numerous computing resources and all their capabilities on a single server, but through a virtual machine. By using the Cloud to virtualize your company’s computing infrastructure, you can sustainably cut your expenses and maintenance costs, but increase your workflow.

Dean Dorton Technology partners with industry leading software and hardware manufacturers to design technology solutions for all areas of your business including data center networking and storage, communications and collaboration systems, enterprise wired and wireless networks as well as server and desktop virtualization.

In addition, we design business continuity solutions which take advantage of single site, multi-site and hybrid environments to maximize uptime and the resiliency of your investments.  Whether your need is an on premises or a cloud solution, we emphasize security in all solutions to help protect your network and provide intelligence before, during and after an attack.

Hardware Virtualization (VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V) Benefits:

  • Complete business continuity

  • Fast, flexible functionality

  • Decrease in downtime

  • Minimize risk

  • Backup and search files whenever, wherever

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