Firm partners with Intacct to tap into growing marketing for Cloud-based applications and expanded services

Dean Dorton Technology, a leading technology consulting firm focused on providing software consulting, infrastructure services, managed services and IT audit and compliance, today announced a partnership with Intacct, a leading provider of cloud financial management and accounting software.

As an Intacct Business Partner, Dean Dorton Technology will sell, implement, support, and integrate solutions for Intacct’s award-winning cloud financial applications. Dean Dorton Technology a top partner with other accounting and ERP vendors, is aligning with Intacct in response to increased demand for cloud-based accounting applications from its prospects and clients.

Dean Dorton Technology carefully reviewed all cloud financial systems on the market and selected Intacct based on its best-in-class cloud financial platform and its deep project accounting and Services Resource Planning capabilities. The firm plans to initially focus its Intacct practice at project-based businesses, healthcare organizations, equine operations, and not-for-profit organizations. Intacct is the first and only cloud financial system in Dean Dorton Technology’s product portfolio.

“We’ve been helping clients choose, implement, and use the best software for their businesses for a long time, and lately it is very clear that successful companies are increasingly interested in using a cloud-based financial system so they can access their financial data anytime, anywhere. After looking at the options on the market, we thought Intacct was the best fit for clients today and an even better fit for the future. We feel that adding Intacct to our portfolio gives our clients the power to choose the system that best fits their needs and provides us with an opportunity to continue to serve clients in all industries.”

Jason Miller, Director of Business Consulting Services

Intacct delivers incredible value to users by empowering finance teams with deep functionality that automates even complex processes and surfaces the richest financial and operational insights to help companies grow. Intacct also offers an easy path to extend the solution by seamlessly connecting with other best-in-class solutions business rely on, so that the entire organization can stay on the fast track to growth. Intacct focuses on delivering a solution that puts client success first, and that commitment has allowed it to earn the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

Dean Dorton clients will also benefit from the web-based dashboards, reporting, and business intelligence capabilities built into the Intacct system.  Intacct provides a powerful set of analytics and reporting tools that empower users with real-time, accurate, and consistent visibility into financial and operational data. The ability to run financial reports by dimensions, such as by customer, by vendor, by project or by fund is an enormous benefit particularly important to business owners themselves, but also their board members and investors.

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“Unlike some of the other cloud-based options we evaluated, Intacct has unmatched depth and breadth when it comes to the core financial applications. We like that Intacct is focused exclusively on financials and has built a robust ecosystem of tightly integrated partner solutions to offer customers best of breed choices for their other business applications. We see cloud financials continuing to gain momentum in the market, and we expect to be one of Intacct’s go-to partners.”

Jason Miller, Director of Business Consulting Services

“We continue to attract the highest level of firms to the Intacct Business Partner Program. Our cloud based system is well suited to today’s ever-changing technological advancements and will help companies of all sizes operate efficiently and effectively using their real-time financial data.  Jason Miller and the Dean Dorton team have extensive background in technology and accounting, which will be a huge benefit to our mutual clients. I look forward to working closely with Dean Dorton for many years to come.”

Taylor Macdonald, Vice President of Channels for Intacct


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