User Awareness Training & Cybersecurity Training

Informed team members can help prevent cybersecurity hacks.

Often, the weakest link in security is the end user, which makes user awareness training a critical component of cybersecurity. Dean Dorton Technology has the tools to conduct phishing tests, provide a training delivery platform with tracking, and include training materials for your entire team so they are more informed on today’s cybersecurity threats. Our cybersecurity training materials are also available for specific compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI compliance. These cybersecurity training modules specialize in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware and social engineering. Your team members will receive up-to-date training that will help decrease overall spear phishing and ransomware attacks, increasing your organization’s strength against cybersecurity attacks. Our user awareness training features:

  • Interactive, web-based, on-demand, engaging training
  • Create multiple training campaigns as ongoing or with a specified completion date
  • Automated enrollment and follow-up emails to “nudge” users who are incomplete
  • Auto-enroll new users added to a group or company
  • Point-of-failure training auto-enrollment
  • Dedicated Hosting Options, or run the course in your own Learning Management System

Simplify the complexity of getting compliant and eases your burden of staying compliant year round. Through Dean Dorton Technology’s user training program, KnowBe4, you can quickly implement compliance tests, assign responsibility for controls to the users who are responsible for maintaining them, and quickly see what tasks have been completed, not met, or are past due. With automated email reminders, your users can stay ahead of any gaps in compliance and understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Most organizations track compliance using spreadsheets, word processors or self-maintained software such as Sharepoint. This is inefficient, error prone, costly, and a cybersecurity risk in itself.

You do not have to host your own expensive cybersecurity training or Learning Management System to setup these trainings. Dean Dorton Technology has a cybersecurity training deployment tool that is easy and fast, with no initial infrastructure costs. The employee cybersecurity training gets delivered via a browser. Results are available through the cloud based management console anytime, anywhere. The cybersecurity trainings are highly scalable and can handle accounts with hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide.

User Awareness Training Benefits:

  • Decrease significant risks to your organization

  • Meet compliance standards

  • Ability to focus on core business objectives

  • Ensure proper controls throughout your entire enterprise

  • Proactive insight – prevent future risks and compliance issues

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