Spam Protection

Keeping your email inbox under control.

Every day hundreds of emails are sent to and from your business, but how much time do you and your employees spend deleting spam emails? By implementing a spam protection strategy that goes beyond the basics, you can save time and money. Dean Dorton Technology’s spam protection solutions cover spam and other junk email, allowing you to take back your inbox. With the right spam protection in place, you and your team can spend more time focusing on main business initiatives without sifting through email or worrying that an email may contain a virus that could cause security concerns.

Dean Dorton Technology’s spam protection solution is designed to keep your spam at an absolute minimum, so you and your team can better manage your inboxes. In addition, managing spam also helps dramatically reduce the possibility of threats to your network. Spam can be used as a primary mode for delivery of viruses, malware, spyware, and other cyber security risks. If your users open a spam message that looks like a genuine email, it could wreak havoc on your entire IT infrastructure leading to wasted time and money to fix the issues.

Our spam protection uses intelligent, pre-designed filters to keep suspicious emails from entering your network in the first place. Anything blocked is quarantined for you to review, which ensures you don’t miss an important email. Through spam protection you can eliminate potential cyber security threats before something slips through your IT infrastructure defenses.

Spam Protection Benefits:

  • Drastically reduce the possibility of stray threats on your network

  • Ability to focus on core business objectives

  • Easily manage your inbox

  • Save time and unnecessary costs

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