Phishing and Social Engineering

Identify what type of cybersecurity training and where cybersecurity training is needed.

What is phishing and social engineering? Criminals are constantly trying to gain unauthorized access into your systems. Email filters block most of the attempts, but not all and not all attempts are made through email – that leaves the end user as the last line of defense. Are your end users aware of how to detect the signs of a phishing and social engineering attempt? One method to measure user awareness is to perform your own phishing and social engineering attempts. This allows for a safe exercise where the intent is to identify where training is necessary. Coupled with a cybersecurity training program, phishing and social engineering exercises can access training effectiveness.

Dean Dorton Technology has the tools to conduct phishing tests, provide a delivery platform, conduct USB drop tests, conduct vishing (social engineering by telephone), and supply reporting on results.

Phishing and Social Engineering Benefits:

  • Improve user cybersecurity awareness

  • Identify users needing additional cybersecurity training

  • Adapt cybersecurity training to measured results

  • Ability to focus on core business objectives, knowing your team members have the tools and knowledge to help prevent a cybersecurity breach


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