Network Security

Securing your network to prevent malware attacks and other threats.

Securing your network requires a deep understanding of all the ways a hacker could breach your systems. Dean Dorton Technology’s team has extensive experience with helping companies assess all access points and the most efficient ways to protect your network, both inside and outside your offices. Managing your company’s network security can be overwhelming, especially if you are still updating workstations one by one. Cyber attacks are continuing to evolve – is your network secure enough to face one?

Dean Dorton Technology has a full suite of network security services and prevention methods including:

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Cloud Security
  • Email Security
  • Network Visibility and Enforcement
  • Next-generation Firewalls
  • Next-generation Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Router Security
  • Security Management Tools
  • VPN Security
  • Web Security

Our team can assess your current security measures and make recommendations based on your network setup, users, and main business communication methods. Our comprehensive suite of network security tools will leave you with peace of mind that your systems can handle an attack any time of day.

Don’t have a team member in charge of network security? We can also act as your network privacy manager, monitoring your security and suggesting opportunities for improvements as your business continues to grow.

Network Security Benefits:

  • Dramatically decrease significant risks to your organization

  • Ability to focus on core business objectives

  • Meet compliance standards

  • Ensure proper security measures are in place throughout your entire enterprise

  • Proactive insight – prevent future risks and compliance issues without the hassle of large individual computer upgrades

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