Email Encryption

Protect your email so it’s only accessible to intended recipients .

Email is one of the most used business communication tools but as data breaches continue to increase and legislation of cyber crime changes, it is important to recognize the need for encrypted email. In the constant flow of communication your business shares customer data, proprietary information and intellectual property all subject to risk of attacks or getting in the wrong hands.

Dean Dorton Technology can help you minimize the risks of regulatory violations and fines, lawsuits, diminished revenue, brand damage and other unexpected impacts of cybercrime associated with data exposure due to unsecured email. By utilizing email encryption you can rest assured that communication between your employees, customers, and partners is protected from end-to-end, and dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach through an email attack.

Email Encryption Benefits:

  • Protect your proprietary and intellectual information

  • Secure customer data

  • Audit and control who has accessed your email files

  • Meet regulatory requirements for email encryption, data security, privacy, and data residency

  • Reduce data exfiltration risk from compromised devices and malware

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