Content Filtering

Reduce security threats by applying web content filtering.

Unfortunately browsing the internet is not always safe, but it is one of the most important resources you can provide to your employees, so how do you make using the internet effective without putting your business at risk for users accessing unrelated work content or potential viruses?

Dean Dorton Technology can help you determine what kind of content filters should be in place for your organization. Employees prone to use the internet for non-work related tasks may be causing strain and inefficiencies within your organization, but with controlling access to certain types of content including social media outlets and even Netflix or other streaming services, you can ensure your employees are focused on their tasks at hand. Content filtering also allows you to give access to certain employees and not to others – for example, some may need to access social media for promotion purposes.

Content filtering also helps you gain control over your security by blocking access to websites that contain malware. If an employee clicks on a website link that looks legitimate, downloads a file and opens it, but the site is filled with viruses, your entire network can be compromised in a matter of minutes. Dean Dorton Technology’s content filtering solutions give you control to prevent these types of threats to be best of your ability, protecting you business from outsiders accessing personal and customer information.

Content Filtering Benefits:

  • Decrease security threats across your network

  • Ability for users to only go to verified websites

  • Ability to assigned filtering levels to different user groups

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