Mobile Device Management

Make your business compatible wherever you go.

Mobile devices are leading business – it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone on their smartphone, tablet, notebook or other mobile device. Whether you want to provide your team with company-owned mobile devices or want to allow employees to use their own personal devices, you need to have the proper mobile device management policies and solutions in place. With the increasing trend of mobile devices in business, you need to be ready to adapt and adopt new policies that help keep your company’s information secure, no matter who is accessing it on what device.

Have you thought about your security needs? It’s easy to spend time protecting your business’ network from unwanted intruders, but what about your staff’s devices and permissions? Cybersecurity threats can come from both the inside and outside of the network and require attention to keep away threats to your company’s data and infrastructure.

Dean Dorton’s Technology Consulting group can evaluate your organization’s current mobile device usage, assess your plans for the future, and compile a comprehensive mobile device management plan, allowing you to move forward while maintaining security at the highest level.

Mobile Device Management Plan Benefits:

  • Mobile device inventory – internally and externally

  • Mobile device policies and procedures

  • Mobile software distribution

  • Mobile data security

  • Help Desk support

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