Fax Server

Streamlining your faxes and going paper-free.

Fax server centralization makes it easy to manage your business’ and employee’s faxes. Improve your communication by going paper-free with digital faxes. Instead of being printed, incoming faxes are delivered directly to email inboxes, ensuring they get to the right person, right away. Streamlining this process makes faxes easier to transfer, search, and archive.

Dean Dorton’s Technology Consulting group can help set up your system so you receive faxes directly from applications – there is no need to print a document, saving your time and of course, paper.

Fax Server Benefits:

  • Streamline your fax communications – internally and externally

  • Easy, simple, paper-free delivery

  • Customizable management options – internal controls over who receives specific faxes

  • Store, search, and backup faxes for added security

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Technology is only as good as the enhancement and efficiency it brings to your workflow, and only as valuable as the return on investment it produces. Our team helps you leverage technology and allows you and other key employees to focus on your business and their primary responsibilities.

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